See What People Are Saying About Our Services

“The staff at Integra Medical helped to get me ready for an extreme cycling race by relieving some long term tightness and pain in my shoulders, legs, and arm. As we progress through the treatment, I feel better and am capable of doing more. After the race, the same treatments have gotten me feeling great in record time. As a cyclist himself, Dr. Neff understands what is happening to my body and how to keep it aligned and in tip-top shape. All this, and they work with my health insurance company!
I highly recommend Integra Medical.”

– Bob Norvelle

“I always enjoy going to Integra Medical. Dr. Neff and his staff are compassionate and kind. They always help me with my concerns. I highly recommend their service to everyone.”
– Pamela Bryce
If you’re having issues with pain Dr. Neff and staff can help you, even if you’ve been told surgery is your only option left. I went to Integra Medical for knee pain – I am bone on bone and was in severe pain daily. They saved me from going through knee replacement surgery with restorative treatment. I had a significant reduction in pain within 2 weeks and continue to get better as the weeks go by. Not only are they very professional and great at what they do but treat you like family.
– Anthony Tafoya
“My daughter started going to Dr. Neff at 3 months old for torticollis. Five months later she has improved IMMENSELY! Dr. Neff and the staff have all been wonderful and so helpful and patient with all my questions.”
– Liz Willis
“On the first visit, I couldn’t sit, stand or walk without the pain being a 10/10. I was taking the max dose of Tylenol and ibuprofen each day. Getting my adjustments and following the treatment plan each week enabled me to improve and today I am better than ever. I have been able to get back to my exercise routine and get back to hiking.”
– Pam Bomar
“Great staff. Treat you like family. This was the last resort for me before I just decided to live with the pain. Have seen a noticeable difference in all affected areas. Continue to see improvement every week. I just received restorative cells so I’m waiting for the verdict on that, but I already feel less pain in both knees.”
– Kevin Keydoszius
We always look forward to our adjustments with Dr. Neff, he is great with our kids making us all feel comfortable and keeping us healthy! The office staff is friendly and personable which keeps our appts fun and positive! I can’t recommend Integra Medical enough!
– Laura Hattenburg
“Came in yesterday with extreme mid back pain, to the point it hurt to breathe. The team took great care of me. I got an adjustment and a trigger point injection and I went from a pain level of 10 to a 4 and went back to the gym the next day! You need these guys in your life!”
– Damon Downing
“I have been going to Dr. Neff for over a year. He has helped me with pain, and more importantly, overall health. His Nurse Practitioner is wonderful and has become my family’s primary care medical professional.”
– Michael Jordan